What is your USP? It is all about focus, communication and differentiation....

The 10 steps how we work:

step 1:   World trade analtics (Global data B2B/ B2C analysed to see which country offer the most opportunities for your product)

step 2:   Quick market scan (quick scan if your product or service is competitive and has an USP)

step 3:   Extensive market research (specific research on market, competition, pricing and distribution)

step 4:   Business orientation visit (to define your strategy we arrange first market visits)

step 5:   Selection of an Agent or Distributor (we make a short-list with potential and interested agents or distributors)

step 6:   Presentation (we create an omni-channel presentation, for you to select your model)

step 7:   Business case check (how many sales do you need to break-even and what will your cash flow be)

step 8:   Negotiations, contract, agreement (we will negotiate with or for you the best possible deal)

step 9:   Export and/or country-territory management (we can be your export or country/territory manager, optimising your

             sales and business, as we are a part of your team)

step 10: Feedback and adjustments (to make sure we do everything as you expect, we keep controlling the proces and there

             where needed adjust it)

Any of these steps can also be considered seperately and individually